Shin Splints – Frisco, TX
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Shin Splints

The shin bone or the tibia is the long bone that lies between the patella (knee cap) and the ankle. Shin Splints are common sports related injuries which cause pain near the inner margin of the shin bone. Also termed as the Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS), the condition is most commonly experienced by dancers, gymnasts, army recruits and athletes.

Causes Of Shin Splints

  • Overuse of lower leg/tibia muscles
  • Stress fractures in the tibia
  • People with Flat Feet have a collapsed foot arch which puts additional stress on the shin bone
  • Weak hip and core muscles which reduce stability
  • Sudden change in the frequency or intensity of the workout
  • Running, jogging or walking on uneven surfaces
  • Inadequate warm up or defective training techniques
  • Use of shoes that do not provide proper support
  • Downhill or uphill running

Symptoms Of Shin Splints

  • Dull pain in the lower leg
  • Pain may be felt on either side of the tibia and generally occurs during a physical activity
  • The lower part of the leg may feel tender or sore when touched
  • Swelling may appear
  • A feeling of warmth around the leg
  • Numbness in the feet or leg
  • Pain may be felt even while resting, in severe cases

Diagnosis Of Shin Splints

  • Detailed physical examination of the affected leg by the doctor
  • Evaluation of the patient’s daily activities and medical history
  • X-rays may be done to check for stress fractures in the bone
  • MRI scans may reveal inflammation and other problems in the muscles, tissues and tendons

Treatment For Shin Splints

  • The doctor may recommend providing adequate rest to the affected leg
  • Applying ice packs on the site of pain at regular intervals may help to ease the symptoms
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines and pain killers may be prescribed for immediate relief
  • Shoe inserts may be used for Flat Feet
  • Neoprene sleeve may be used to support the shin bone
  • Physical therapy may help to strengthen the supporting muscles and ligaments
  • The patient may be advised to avoid any activity that causes pain
  • Keeping the leg elevated while resting and using compression in the form of soft elastic bandage may help to compress swelling
  • Surgery may be required in case the muscles are detached or torn away from the tibia
  • Surgery may also be suggested in case of Compartment Syndrome which creates excessive pressure in a muscle compartment around the shin bone
  • Strength training exercises may be suggested to develop the calf muscles

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