Post-Traumatic Knee Arthritis – Frisco, TX
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Post-Traumatic Knee Arthritis

Post-Traumatic Knee Arthritis is a condition that occurs following a knee injury or trauma. It causes damage to the protective cartilage that lines the inner part of the knee joint and helps the bones glide over each other during movement. Thinning or wearing out of the cartilage gets accelerated after an injury, which leads to friction and loss of bone mass. Besides this, bone spurs may develop within the space created by damaged cartilage. Post-Traumatic Knee Arthritis can develop soon after the injury or after a couple of years. It is a progressive condition which can cause permanent disability of the knee joint.

Causes Of Post-Traumatic Knee Arthritis

  • Direct hit or injury to the knee joint
  • Tearing of the meniscus
  • Knee fracture or dislocation
  • Sports activities that require changing directions quickly can damage the knee joint
  • Tearing or straining of the tendons and ligaments
  • Car accident may cause knee injury
  • A direct fall on the knee

Symptoms Of Post-Traumatic Knee Arthritis

  • Pain may be felt when the person gets up in the morning or has been inactive for some time
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Difficulty in kneeling, bending or climbing stairs
  • The appearance of the knee joint may change over the time. They may start bending inwards or outwards(knock-knees or bow- legs)
  • Grinding sensation
  • Cracking sound may be heard when the joint moves
  • Swelling and tenderness around the knee
  • Accumulation of fluid in the joint

Diagnosis Of Post-Traumatic Knee Arthritis

  • Clinical evaluation of the affected joint
  • Evaluation of the past injuries, medical history, family traits and symptoms reported by the patient
  • Range of motion may be checked through physical tests
  • X-ray imaging may reveal loss of joint spaces which makes movement difficult
  • MRI and CT scan help to identify changes in soft tissue structure
  • Blood tests may be recommended

Treatment For Post-Traumatic Knee Arthritis

  • Injecting cortisones into the knee joint to relieve pain
  • Arthroscopic surgery may be performed to remove the debris and bone spurs from the joint
  • Surgical replacement of the damaged knee with an artificial one
  • Maintain healthy weight to avoid pressure on the knee
  • Prescription of anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Regular low-impact exercises can help to strengthen the supporting muscles and soft tissue structures
  • Surgical reconstruction of the damaged parts within the joint may be helpful in restoring its function
  • Use of a knee brace and crutches may be recommended post-surgery
  • Physical therapy to regain knee strength and flexibility.

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